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5 signs of an (un)happy marriage

Scientists say there are two types of marriages: happy and unhappy. Those in the unhappy range usually know it, but don’t want to admit that fact to themselves. Our psyche tries to protect us from unhappiness by glossing over things and not letting us see obvious problems. If you want to take an objective look…

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Reducing sick days – basic tips

In the world of work, there are written and unwritten rules. One of them is not to take sick leave too often. This is not to say that you should go to work sick. It is rather that there are some methods that can be used to significantly reduce the annual number of sick days…

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The future of learning

For some time now, the life expectancy of people worldwide has been increasing. Definitely the one in the industrialised countries. But it is also the case in many emerging countries. This is accompanied by the problem that working lives will inevitably lengthen. The reason for this is that the pension systems of many countries would…

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