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​Unleash the power of mental models and start Living To your Fullest potential.

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The Little Book of Practical Philosophy: Ancient Wisdom For the Modern World

Welcome to the guide that introduces you to the greatest minds in history in a way that is ​directly applicable to your life.

​The goal: To develop and refine your own personal compass. Not a solution to a singular problem, but an inner mindset to see you through every problem. The knowledge of what it means to live – and live well.

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​How would you like to….

Discover what some of the greatest minds and flat out most successful people in history have had to say on living, and living well

Be able to relate those principles and models to actions and behaviours you can harness in your own life, right here, right now

And, ultimately, fashion your own personal set of internalized principles that will guide you through life, through thick and thin

​I’m really impressed by how thorough and easy to read this book is – I’d benefit if I could implement even 1% of this stuff. Unique concept.


​Well thought through, original introductions; engaging quotations from across the centuries; ample food for thought. Great read!


​An ideal introduction to thinkers across the ages, and an accessible and enjoyable read. The accompanying quotations are really well chosen and have inspired me to pursue my life goals with renewed perspective. Live smart indeed!


​Get It Now For Just ​$2.99 (40% off!)

Sound Good? ​Here’s Exactly What To Expect!​​

  • A general introduction, followed by ten individual chapters, each one devoted to a specific value or principle for action. Chapters include “courage“, “impact“, “initiative” and a great many more! The chapters are specifically designed to correspond with the values put forward in The Thinking Gentleman’s Compass, making this book the ideal complement to that free guide.

  • ​Within each chapter, an opening section that discusses how the principle addressed in the chapter evolved over time and how it relates to the different mental models/schools of thought represented by the thinkers quoted in the chapter.

  • ​In the second section of each chapter, the mental models themselves: direct quotations from thinkers across the history of Western thought and representing all different perspectives. As a rule, one of the quotations for each chapter is from ancient times; one Roman/medieval; one renaissance/early modern; one 18th/19th century, and one from the 20th century (two examples from opposite ends of the timeline below).

​And the best part is, I’m offering you it ​all for the price of a not-even-so-fancy-schmancy coffee

​So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and start living smart!

And remember:

​”The really important thing is not to live, but to live well.”

​Socrates, founding father of Western philosophy

​Do yourself a favour and really heed those words. 

Truly there is nothing more valuable you can be doing than figuring out how you want to live your life.

 Join me today, and let’s start living well!

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​It is when we know what we believe in our hearts that we can start pursuing it with integrity in our lives. Truly there is nothing more valuable you can be doing than figuring out how you want to live your life. Don’t pass up this chance to seize the initiative. Join me today, and let’s start living well!

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